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Going Behind the Mic with Dominic Neill

As heard on “The Sound of SA” with me, Andy Leve.

Dominic Neill goes “Behind the Mic ” with me  and speaks about the strides he hopes to make in the music industry , after the successes of singles with DJ Kent “Love You Still ” and Joe Louis with “Better Day”.

5 Years after Idols , where he was in the Top 7 , Dominic’s full length album , “Out of My League” is finally out. Dominic describes the offering, called “Out of My League” as a very honest display of where he is musically.




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“Travelling is a virus you don’t want to get rid of”

Gunnar Garfors is the youngest hobby traveller to visit every country in the world while still having a full time job…

Impressive ? Of course it is .

I had a conversation with the restless Norwegian explorer about  some of the most significant and eye opening encounters he has had whilst globetrotting.

Being a member of the mile high club , is a no brainer for someone with as many voyager miles as he does, right?

Garfors also speaks rather colourfully about the scents and smells from around the world that he enjoys the most … Oh and oysters as an aphrodisiac are a uhm, firm, favourite as well.



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Imagine sneaking out of the bustling and colourful roads of a Berlin summer to a side street that leads you to even more colour , more bicycles  and the sound of children playing while their  parents have a meal at a quaint coffee shop enveloped in beautiful street art .

That setting is  where I had my chat with indie singer songwriter, Ian Late . I first saw Ian singing on a bridge between the Bode Museum and some locals who were practicing their  hip swaying at a salsa dance class .

I couldn’t help but stop and listen …

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Ian Late – California

Ian Late – CTBE

Ian Late – Untouchable





Catching Up with Lakota Silva

I chatted to the lively, lovely Miss Lakota Silva. The “Queen of collaborations” laced her beautiful vox on LCNVL’s “Closer” and has not looked back since!
Take a listen as we chat about her first solo offering, “Do Re Mi” and what she prefers between boxers and briefs! Watch out for this lady, she is definitely one to watch.