Behind the mic with Howie Combrink

Singer , songwriter, producer , guitarist and drummer – Howie Combrink is a jack of all music related trades,  including owning his own production studio called The Hit Lab.

The multi talented muso, lived in the Seychelles. This is  where he shed his punk rocker ways for a tan ,  a guitar and a  funk reggae folk inspired new sound and hasn’t looked back since.

You’ll find him at the back drumming in legendary South African band, Watershed but when he  takes to the mic  and the front of  the stage,   what comes out is nothing short of sweet sunshine.





stuart reece

Behind the Mic with Stuart Reece

Sometimes you have to leave familiarity and go for broke in a new environment .

Listen to my interview with my “homie” Stuart Reece whose mellow temperament is reflected in his many melodious songs  including ” Away, Away”, “Silver Rocket Cadillac” and “My Sweet Lady” which involves having to  reluctantly take to the dance floor , and learn how to “sokkie – sokkie” in the name of love .




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Going Behind the Mic with Dominic Neill

As heard on “The Sound of SA” with me, Andy Leve.

Dominic Neill goes “Behind the Mic ” with me  and speaks about the strides he hopes to make in the music industry , after the successes of singles with DJ Kent “Love You Still ” and Joe Louis with “Better Day”.

5 Years after Idols , where he was in the Top 7 , Dominic’s full length album , “Out of My League” is finally out. Dominic describes the offering, called “Out of My League” as a very honest display of where he is musically.




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“Travelling is a virus you don’t want to get rid of”

Gunnar Garfors is the youngest hobby traveller to visit every country in the world while still having a full time job…

Impressive ? Of course it is .

I had a conversation with the restless Norwegian explorer about  some of the most significant and eye opening encounters he has had whilst globetrotting.

Being a member of the mile high club , is a no brainer for someone with as many voyager miles as he does, right?

Garfors also speaks rather colourfully about the scents and smells from around the world that he enjoys the most … Oh and oysters as an aphrodisiac are a uhm, firm, favourite as well.

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A concert venue like no other

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By : Andy Leve

Pictures : Alastair McLahlan

It’s drawn the attention of many people that are either in or love the local music scene- myself included. When I first heard about SkyRoom Live I was so excited about the concept that I just had to find out more about it all.

The venue is nestled amongst the many other skyscraper buildings in Braamfontein Johannesburg. This location provides an intimate setting together with the night sky as a backdrop, it is nothing short of picturesque.


In 2010, founders of SkyRoom Live, Mark Daubeney , Eban Olivier , Graham Cunningham and Desti Loeijs worked on the Sony 3D world cup project. This sparked the idea of broadcasting live events in 2D or 3D to either cinema, websites, facebook so that people will be able to experience live events, without physically being at the event. The result of that : SKYROOM LIVE.

After two and a half years of developing the concept, Skyroom Live officially launched on 18 March 2012, with Die Heuwels Fantasties as the first act to grace the stage. Other acts that have performed there include, Jack Parow, Jozi, Aking and The Parlotones, to name a few.

Die Heuwels Fantasties rocking the rooftop

Die Heuwels Fantasties rocking the rooftop

The audience at the performances is strictly by invite only. There are a limited number of tickets given away on Facebook and Twitter. The performance is filmed on HD and can also be viewed on the SkyRoom live website or Facebook stream…LIVE!

All of the shows from Season 1 have been packaged and archived on for people to purchase a year long license for $5 per show. The bands involved earn revenue from these sales.

Mark from SkyRoom Live says Season 2 promises to be bigger and better and there is also talk of having unsigned acts gracing the Skyroom Live skyline too. “This is the world’s greatest platform to expose new talent – LIVE” he adds.





A Bloc Party in the City

First published on Music Industry Online / Music In Africa

By Andy Leve

Pictures : Yetunde Dada

Mary Fitzgerald Square was rocked to the core this past Friday, 5th October- as the masses came out for the highly anticipated In the City concert.

The show was headlined by British indie rockers Bloc Party; however the local acts certainly held their ground. First up on the bill was South African Music Award winning trio Shadow Club. This band simply screams rock and roll and definitely sets a high standard for the evening as they warmed the crowd up with their hits including “Good Morning Killer”, “Lucy” and “Guns and Money”.

The trio were followed up by, Yesterday’s Pupils and Tumi from The Volume. Yesterday’s Pupil ‘s psychedelic sounds, singing and guitar playing were complimented by Tumi from the Volumes’ intuitive rhymes. The audience enjoyed the fusion of sounds, beats and lyrics so much so that one fan threw her bra on stage. This soon became a prop for Yesterday’s Pupil and Tumi, who took turns covering their faces with the bra as they performed- much to the amusement of the crowd.

Tumi from The Volume and Yesterday's Pupil share a laugh on stage

Tumi from The Volume and Yesterday’s Pupil.


From synths and guitars to Die Antwoord’s signature vulgarity and techno / hip hop beats, the crowd stayed engrossed to the stage for what can only be described as a mindblowingly zef set. As soon as DJ Hi-tech, clad in a lumo orange suit, took to his DJ booth- the heat was on.


He dropped the beat to their song “fok julle naaiers” and Yolandi Visser emerged on stage showing her middle finger to the crowd as they sang along. The band has been enjoying sold out shows in The United States and parts of Europe and did not disappoint their home crowd. The audience was treated to Ninja’s pelvic thrusts, Yolandi’s ass shaking and even a guest appearance by an unknown dancer who joined Yolandi and Ninja on stage for a few songs.


The pint sized, foul mouthed and dynamic , Yolandi Visser


He is a Motherf$c*ing Ninja 

Die Antwoord had the crowd engrossed for their entire set, and I guess as a token of appreciation, Ninja jumped over the railing and into the crowd. They ended their set with their debut hit “Enter the Ninja”.


A topless Matt Tong on drums

From the pioneers of Zef Culture to the Kings of indie rock- Bloc Party. The stage was set and as soon as drummer, Matt Tong walked on stage topless.

The crowd could not contain themselves and screamed until lead singer Kele Okereke walked on stage. He walked up to the microphone and belted out the first line of the first single, “Octopus” from their latest offering, “Four”.

In the beginning of the set Kele’s vocals seemed to be drowned out by the guitar and drums but he soon found his feet and never looked back! “Helicopter, “One more chance”, and “she’s hearing voices were screamed back to Kele as the fans “helped” him sing.

Kele from Bloc Party

Kele from Bloc Party

Not so long ago there were rumours that Bloc party had called it quits. Their latest release, however, means that they will still be keeping crowds jumping up and down atleast for a while longer.

This event was undoubtedly a night to remember.   Every single act deserved an encore and standing ovation of the hundreds of people who gathered at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown to rock out to a stellar line-up.