Behind The Mic With The Parlotones

One of the most revered South African bands , The Parlotones go behind the mic with Andy Leve on The Sound of SA.

Listen as the band discuss their near 20 year musical journey including shows around the world and what the future plans are.

You can also enjoy the unplugged versions of their much loved songs “beautiful ” and “we were just having fun” .

Behind the Mic with Sevven


SEVVEN is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist, and singer Rici Martins. After many years of being involved with other artists such as Howie Combrink and Chiano Sky he has decided to get behind the mic.
Rici went to his first piano lesson at age 7 and started guitar, drums and singing at 15. He also got into recording at age 15 and has since developed solid audio engineering and producing skills.



Behind the mic with Howie Combrink

Singer , songwriter, producer , guitarist and drummer – Howie Combrink is a jack of all music related trades,  including owning his own production studio called The Hit Lab.

The multi talented muso, lived in the Seychelles. This is  where he shed his punk rocker ways for a tan ,  a guitar and a  funk reggae folk inspired new sound and hasn’t looked back since.

You’ll find him at the back drumming in legendary South African band, Watershed but when he  takes to the mic  and the front of  the stage,   what comes out is nothing short of sweet sunshine.





stuart reece

Behind the Mic with Stuart Reece

Sometimes you have to leave familiarity and go for broke in a new environment .

Listen to my interview with my “homie” Stuart Reece whose mellow temperament is reflected in his many melodious songs  including ” Away, Away”, “Silver Rocket Cadillac” and “My Sweet Lady” which involves having to  reluctantly take to the dance floor , and learn how to “sokkie – sokkie” in the name of love .




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Going Behind the Mic with Dominic Neill

As heard on “The Sound of SA” with me, Andy Leve.

Dominic Neill goes “Behind the Mic ” with me  and speaks about the strides he hopes to make in the music industry , after the successes of singles with DJ Kent “Love You Still ” and Joe Louis with “Better Day”.

5 Years after Idols , where he was in the Top 7 , Dominic’s full length album , “Out of My League” is finally out. Dominic describes the offering, called “Out of My League” as a very honest display of where he is musically.