A concert venue like no other

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By : Andy Leve

Pictures : Alastair McLahlan

It’s drawn the attention of many people that are either in or love the local music scene- myself included. When I first heard about SkyRoom Live I was so excited about the concept that I just had to find out more about it all.

The venue is nestled amongst the many other skyscraper buildings in Braamfontein Johannesburg. This location provides an intimate setting together with the night sky as a backdrop, it is nothing short of picturesque.


In 2010, founders of SkyRoom Live, Mark Daubeney , Eban Olivier , Graham Cunningham and Desti Loeijs worked on the Sony 3D world cup project. This sparked the idea of broadcasting live events in 2D or 3D to either cinema, websites, facebook so that people will be able to experience live events, without physically being at the event. The result of that : SKYROOM LIVE.

After two and a half years of developing the concept, Skyroom Live officially launched on 18 March 2012, with Die Heuwels Fantasties as the first act to grace the stage. Other acts that have performed there include, Jack Parow, Jozi, Aking and The Parlotones, to name a few.

Die Heuwels Fantasties rocking the rooftop
Die Heuwels Fantasties rocking the rooftop

The audience at the performances is strictly by invite only. There are a limited number of tickets given away on Facebook and Twitter. The performance is filmed on HD and can also be viewed on the SkyRoom live website or Facebook stream…LIVE!

All of the shows from Season 1 have been packaged and archived on www.skyroomlive.com for people to purchase a year long license for $5 per show. The bands involved earn revenue from these sales.

Mark from SkyRoom Live says Season 2 promises to be bigger and better and there is also talk of having unsigned acts gracing the Skyroom Live skyline too. “This is the world’s greatest platform to expose new talent – LIVE” he adds.





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