Every morning I wake up  , way before the sun even thinks of creeping up – and I do  a radio show on Hot 91. 9 FM with  with these crazy buggers.

Disclaimer: No one was deafened during the making of this video



I did this challenge against a colleague at Hot 91.9 FM to promote Fitbit (http://www.fitbit.comcom) .  The challenge was : who take the most step per day over a 5 day period.  I am happy to say that I won the challenge with a clean sweep.

Watch the promo below :




Matric Dance season is upon us and not everyone has the means to get a dress made or bought … As such, Hayley Owen Watters and I  were tasked by Cadbury PS Bar ,to collect over 500 dresses  for underprivileged girls for their Matric dance.

We did a lot of interviews on radio  and social media campaigns to promote this cause, and we collected well over 500 dresses.  ( Find the pictures etc on my Instagram  –

See the promotional video below: